The Nevada County Digital Media Center is a fully equipped production studio which includes a 20×20 greenscreen, a Creative Lab, Control Room, Various Equipment, Meeting Spaces and more. We operate 3 local TV channels, various internet-based sites and are the community hub for all things video & film.

Watch Live Television

Government Channel
Educational Channel
Public Access Channel

What’s Playing

Government Program Guide
Educational Program Guide
Public Access Program Guide

Video on Demand

NCTV is working towards adding a variety of LOCAL VOD programming.  Please be patient as we add these channels and clean this up. IF the video won’t play, follow the directions to change your browser settings.

Nevada County TV – YouTube
Grass Valley Government        
Nevada City Government                    
Nevada County BOS 
Nevada County Planning Commission
Nevada County Agricultural Commission
Nevada County Public Service Announcements
Nevada County Community Meetings

The Nevada County Digital Media Center (NCTV) is proud to announce that our new production studio is completed and available for use. Contact us for membership.