Note: Channel Guides are now WORKING!

Special Announcement:

2017 ‘Through the Lens’

A Script-to-Filmmaking Competition

NCTV is pleased to announce the winners of the

screenplay phase of the competition!

Michael Penwarden – “Parallax”
Sarah Poynter – “Pause”
Annie Keeling – “Five Bars”
Anna Morton – “The Ballad of Cheese Lewis”
Donna Cobb – “Pink Power”
Karen Busse – “Legacy of Love”
Mila Johansen – “Lost & Found”
Isaac Biggs – “A Defining Moment”

Congratulations to all the screenplay writers who entered!
Please mark your calendars for step two of this script-to-silver screen event — an open “Cast & Crew Call” on Saturday, June 3, from 1 to 5 pm at NCTV studios! Join the cast or crew of one of the winning screenplays and help these writers make their vision reality!

Click Here for more Information: Cast and Crew Call

Executive Director/Station Manager Hire!

NCTV now has a new ED/Station Manager on staff!

The NCTV Board is proud to announce, effective March 20, 2017, Ramona Howard was officially hired as the new ED/Station Manager for NCTV. She brings with her a vast knowledge of TV Production, Event Management, Fund Raising, and Grant Writing experience just to name a few. Ramona will be a great asset to our organization and mission as a Community Television Station.

•Our board meetings are typically held on the 3rd Monday of each month and begin at 5:30 PM at the new location. There may be exceptions to the date/time so please check back here to verify the meeting. They will be held on the second floor in the conference room.

•NCTV offers live streaming of certain events. When we are not streaming, the LiveStream player will show public services announcements (PSAs) we have recorded for local nonprofit organizations.


Tuesday, May 30th at 5:30PM

104 New Mohawk Rd.

Nevada City, Ca 95959 • Ph. 530-272-8862

Who we are:

NCTV is a “Public Access” community TV station. Public Access means the public—nonprofits, business owners, and individuals like you—have the right to access the cable television system for the production and broadcast of local programming. As a Public, Education and Government (PEG) station, our programs stream on Comcast Channels 11, 17 & 18 and Suddenlink Channel 16, 17 & 18.

What you’ll see:

On our stations you’ll see community, government and education programming featuring local events, interviews, music, youth events, travel, art, cooking, religious programming, government meetings, city councils, county supervisors, planning commissions, talk shows, and much more. You can also see our program on our website and on Ustream.

We also stream live broadcasts of special events like the 4th of July and Constitution Day Parades, sold-out performances at the Center for the Arts, and meetings like the 2016 Annual NCERC Economic Development Summit & VIP Dinner.

How to participate:

Becoming a part of NCTV is easy. If you want to be part of a show or learn to create one, we invite you to become a member. If you are a business and want to support our work, you can become a station underwriter. You can also attend an upcoming event, become a volunteer, or make a donation to support our efforts.