Our Mission:

The Mission of Nevada County Television is to strengthen and enrich the spirit of community in Nevada County by fostering communication through public, educational and governmental access television and other electronic media. Nevada County Television is committed to supporting freedom of speech and expression, encouraging diverse points of view while building common ground in the community.


Our Board of Directors


Jim Heck, President/Technology Chair

Jim Heck spent two years in the US Air Force working in Computer and Radar Systems Maintenance, ten years as an engineer at RCA Avionics Division where he specialized in the Design, Prototype and Environmental Testing of Commercial Aviation Weather Radar, and ten years as an engineer at Grass Valley Group as a Product Designer, Product Test Manager, and Manufacturing Engineer of Commercial Broadcast Video Equipment. Jim started volunteering at NCTV in early 2014 and currently assists in the technical operations of the station. He  also assists other non profits with video and video streaming projects. His education includes: US Air Force Electronics, Norwalk State Technical Institute and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Tom Prehn, Treasurer

For over 15 years, Tom has managed and thought a lot about the impact of digital content technology in a number of technology companies, including Telestream, Adobe and Autodesk. He currently is responsible for live event streaming production workflow at Telestream, LLC  featuring the leader in streaming software, Wirecast.


Yvette Cadeaux, Secretary/Events Chair/ 

Yvette Cadeaux has a B.A. in Radio and Television Broadcasting (San Francisco State) and an M.A. in Education (University of California, Santa Cruz). For 16 years, Yvette was a music journalist, writing for Tower Records’ Pulse! magazine, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, Good Times (Santa Cruz), and BAM magazine. She is a supervising teacher at Forest Charter School, performs in regional theater, and enjoys singing jazz and folk music. Yvette currently facilitates NCTV’s Youth Film Club.


Dan Holler,


Executive Director/Station Manager

Ramona Howard,


Fran Cole, Consultant

Fran Cole practiced as an attorney in the financial services industry for over twenty years. She originally practiced with the law firm of Frost and Jacobs in Cincinnati, Ohio and was later an associate with the San Francisco law firm Heller Ehrman, White and McAuliffe following her move to California in 1984.  She then moved to corporate in-house legal positions, serving as Chief Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Equitec Financial Group and its affiliated money manager, Siebel Capital Management, Inc.   Following this period she spent over ten years in her dream securities lawyer job with Charles Schwab and Co., Inc., as Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel of Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.  Following her “retirement” in 2001 Fran moved to Grass Valley, where she became involved in helping community nonprofit organizations with corporate governance and compliance issues.