Our Mission:

“To foster community dialogue, increase civic engagement, and enrich the cultural life of our community through television, the internet, and other digital media.”

Board of Directors

Terry McAteer

Lew Sitzer

Yvette Cadeaux

Susan Rogers

Chris Nielsen

Staff & Volunteers

Ramona Howard – Executive Director/Station Manager

Wyatt Shults –  Programming Coordinator

Stephanie Simpson – Membership Coordinator & Office Manager

Andrew Rolland – Production Crew

Tara Kelly – Production Crew

Andre Howard – Production Crew

Jason Howard – Engineering Volunteer

Brady Monaghan – Intern

Ezra Abernathy – Intern

Yinneboma Peterson – Intern

Daniel Freeman – Intern

Cassidy  Nelson – Intern

Wendy Hawkins – Intern

Ashley Darr – Intern

Shannon Evans – Intern

Rory Painter – Intern

Janel McDougall – Intern

Mya Lyman – Intern




Who we are:

The Nevada County Digital Media Center is a community hub for all things video & film.  We have a fully equipped production studio which includes a 20×20 greenscreen, a Creative Lab, Control Room, Various Equipment, Meeting Spaces and more. We operate 3 local TV channels and various internet-based sites. We are home to NCTV, a “Public Access” community TV station.  As a Public, Education, and Government (PEG) station, our programs stream on Comcast Channels 11, 17 & 18 and Suddenlink Channel 16, 17 & 18.

What you’ll see:

On our stations, you will see local community government programming, as well as education programming featuring local events, interviews, music, youth events, travel, art, cooking, religious programming, talk shows, and much more. We also stream live broadcasts of special events like the 4th of July and Constitution Day Parades, local music performances and meetings.

How to participate:

Our production facility is available to members to create a variety of projects and becoming a member is easy and affordable. If you are looking to create a show, be part of one, learn the technical side, or just be in the spotlight, we invite you to become a member. If you are a business and want to support our work, you can become a station underwriter. You can also attend an upcoming event, become a volunteer, or make a donation to support our efforts. Contact us today!

General Donation:

Public Access is made possible with the help of the community. Please consider a donation to our general operating fund.