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12:00 pm Monthly Member Potluck
Monthly Member Potluck
Feb 20 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Monthly Member Potluck
Join us each month on the third Thursday for good food and good company. Bring a dish and meet other members. This event is for members only, bring a friend is interested in joining.
5:30 pm The Academy – School that doesn’t feel like school
The Academy – School that doesn’t feel like school
Feb 20 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Every Tuesday & Thursday we teach a variety of 2-hour hands-on classes.  The cost is $10 per class. The classes start at 5:30pm. Membership to Nevada County Media is required. Drop-ins are welcomed. Additional information in the Academy tab Date & Class Feb 4 – Script Writing Regardless if you are already a scriptwriter or someone who wants to learn. This hands-on class will take you through understanding both the basics and advanced tools of doing a script. This class is available for members of Nevada County Media who are 15+. The cost is $10 and you can pay at the door. The instructor for this class is a local who has a degree from the NY Institute of Technology for Film & Video. Mike Lorenzo is a long time Oscar-nominated editor and storyteller who has worked on many projects and companies in the L.A area. Mike is a past member of the Directors, Editors and Screenwriters guild and is a published writer, painter, and musician.   Feb 11 – Video Editing with Premier This class will take you through understanding the basics of Premiere, as well as a few advanced functions. This is a 2-hour overview class that is available for people 15+ and members of Nevada County Media. The cost is $10 and you can pay at the door.   Feb 18 – Digital Restoration This workshop will explore various techniques to restore old scanned photos, slides or negatives and damaged or noisy digital images using Adobe Photoshop and various other third-party digital tools. This is open to all skill levels and is meant to be an overview of different approaches to achieving professional results of retouching and restoration techniques. This is a 2hr class for Nevada County Media members. Cost is $10 at the door This class is taught by Jeff Foster, who for over 30 years has not only produced visual content but also provided training for traditional and digital images, video, illustration, animation, motion graphics, and special effects. His training videos are for Photoshop, After Effects, Animation, Green Screen production and most recently specializing in POV cams and video production for indie filmmakers that include UAV/drone photography & videography. He has also authored several technology books, including “The Green Screen Handbook” and the “Photoshop Web Magic” series.   Feb 25 – Lighting This 2-hour hands-on class will take you through various techniques and is designed to help you understand the basics of lighting. This class is for 15+ and who are members of Nevada County Media. The cost is $10 and you can pay at the door.   Coming Up March 3 – Storyboard March 5 – Acting March 10 – Video Editing with Resolve March 12 – Acting March 17 – Video Editing with FCP March 19 – Acting March 24 – The Art of Production March 26 – Acting March 31 – Audio Editing April 2 – Acting April 7 – Script Writing April 9 – Acting April 14 – Video Editing with Premier April 16 – Acting April 21 – Lighting April 23 – Acting April 28 – Animation April 30 – Acting May 5 – Media Mgmt May 7 – Acting May 12 – Digital Art May 14 – Acting May 19 – Color May 21 – Acting May 26 – TV Production May 28 – Acting