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6:00 pm Noise Lab 101 – Toys
Noise Lab 101 – Toys
Oct 3 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Noise Lab 101 - Toys @ Nevada County Digital Media Center | Nevada City | California | United States
Noise Lab Join us for this once a month class learning how to create your own sound effects. Cost: $20 When: First Tuesday of every month Time: 6-8pm Where: NCTV Studio Each session we will have a set theme. Students are encouraged to bring an item from home to record. Class Outline: Studio etiquette and class guidelines Mic positioning and levels Tools and methods MAKE NOISE! Hear and discuss results Discuss how we can manipulate them Strike and go home Students get a copy of all sounds recorded that day and are encouraged to manipulate them and share their results online or at the next class. There is no specific software requirement and students should use whatever they feel comfortable on to get their desired results. January 2nd’s theme is toys! We will be using Lom Elektrosluch electromagnetic microphones! They pick up sound made by everyday electronics (lights, motors, displays, and literally everything else) and brings them into audible frequencies. We also have a shotgun mic and a matched pair of condensers for recording the audible noises as well. So make sure to steal your kid’s new toys and come to the lab! Class guidelines: Everyone helps setup and tear down Everyone gets a chance to monitor Everyone gets a chance to make noise Experiment with everything