Have you always wanted to host your own television talk show? Perhaps your dream is to demonstrate your skill as a yoga or dance instructor. Whether your passion is art or wine or something in between, you can acquire the skills needed to produce a program and air it on NCTV. In case you need some inspiration, here are some examples of local shows that are produced by people who had a vision and by working with NCTV, they made it happen.

Local Producers and Shows

​As a member of the Nevada County Democratic Campaign Coalition, ​Jim Firth​’s vision was to resurrect​, Main Street Nevada County ​ (Hosted in the early 2000’s by Ms. Debbie Lange). The program promotes Democratic values ​and provides interesting conversations with civic leaders.

A passion for helping the homeless in our community led ​Lew Sitzer to produce ​Lew’s Newsa half hour show filmed in the NCTV studio featuring interviews with people in the community who work with and find solutions for the homeless population.​

​When ​Janine Martin ​’s husband, Dr. Galen Martin, passed away earlier this year, she wanted a way to honor is contributions to the community by dedicating a series of programs to his memory. Simply QiGong ​is a daily series featuring Janine and other TaiChi instructors doing simple exercises that Dr. Martin believed helped extend his life. Balanced Living ​is an in-studio interview style program that ​covers an array of topics from Alzheimer and Dementia to women’s clothing.

Suzie Daggett ​ is the author of two inspirational books. Her program, ​
Pearls of Wisdom​, ​
consists of short (under five minutes) inspirational videos anyone can relate to.

​If you have an idea for a program, come talk to us. We can help you turn your idea into a reality.​