Technically Improbable

Technically Improbable! is a three-part documentary series that attempts to answer the question of how high technology happened in and around Grass Valley. Check us out on Facebook

Fundraiser – Saturday, July 20th

Join us in helping raise funds for our upcoming three-part documentary Technically Improbable. We are looking for vintage gear and photos so that we can create a one-day museum of technology (preferably from the area). We are only looking for a loan of the equipment for one day. Photos should be of decent quality. This event will allow folks to mingle, swap stories, tell a lie or two, meet the filmmakers, watch an extended trailer and do a Q & A with some of the folks behind this project, as well as fellow geeks from the area. It is an event where we will be celebrating our rich “Technically Improbable” history. An event you won’t want to miss.

Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be available, as well as a few raffle items. If you have equipment that can be displayed, please contact Ramona @ or Jason @

Tickets are $25 per person, kids 18 & under are free – Follow the link


Our Amazing Kids – A Locally Produced Kids Show

Your contributions will help make this show possible. 

This locally produced show is for kids between the age of 5-18, who are not camera shy and who are interested in teaching us all about their passion or skill. The first half of this show has the child teaching the host and the second part includes a guest appearance by an “expert” in that field. We are looking for kids who can sing, dance, draw, paint and mountain climb. Kids who are passionate about trains, animals, planes, food, etc. This is an upbeat, positive, highly entertaining show. You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy it.

Kids can show up to one of our “Our Amazing Kids” casting calls and audition. Please check our calendar for when those are.


The set is a very colorful fun place to hang out. What kid would not want to sit on a big purple box? This set was a generous donation from The CoPassion Project/APTCH and is the perfect place for kids to hang out and inspire us.

There are a few pieces not seen in this photo. I guess you will have to give the show a watch to discover our other fun additions.  This show is a place for kids to be kids and adults to be kids. We dance and sing and learn a ton. Sometimes we even dress up like dinosaurs.  Do they make that in adult size?

The show will air once a week (day & time to be announced) and is approximately 30 minutes long. Although no one is watching the clock. It has special guest appearances and a few other fun surprises.  We hope you will enjoy our show.

The show is filmed in the studio of the Nevada County Digital Media Center by a very creative and talented crew. If you or your child would like to participate in our show please check out our calendar for our monthly casting call.  They need to have a passion, skill or talent AND not be camera shy.  They need to be 5-18 years of age and a resident of Nevada County.

We are on the constant lookout for experts. Artists, scientists, musicians, athletes, doctors, and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if interested.

Meet our hosts

Dorian Edwards is an animal loving, nature-loving wilderness educator who spends her week in the great outdoors teaching and empowering students to connect to one another, themselves and the world. She is a UCLA graduate with a Communications degree who believes that communication is the foundation of community, relationships, the world and, really, everything.

Dorian is a teacher who knows kids and young adults have just as much wisdom to impart upon us and can offer a new perspective on how we view our life and our earth. She believes they especially have the ability to connect us to our own inner child, goofiness, silliness, and sense of adventure. Because what is our world without the perfect combination of fun, love, and community? Dorian loves working with young innovators because she too is just a big kid at heart. Aren’t we all? 

Tony Beverly was born in the Pittsburgh area and is the son of an Air Force Sargent ( who was a pharmacist) and an LPN. At 8 years old his father was transferred to a small town of 8000 outside Reno where for the bulk of his life has been near the Sierras… Nevada and California. At 62 years young, Tony volunteers as a Broadcaster at KVMR. Something he finds incredibly fun and rewarding.  Although Tony has no Grandchildren of his own, he is the Godfather of 3. He has always held a connection with kids, from toddler to teenager and his personality makes him an amazing host. Tony is looking forward to this chance to interact and learn from “Our Amazing Kids“.

 Janel was born in Upstate NY and spent much of her time adventuring and meeting new people. She has always enjoyed learning from others and especially hearing the stories of their journeys in life. In taking a blind leap, Janel relocated, site un-seen to the beautiful Sierra Foothills in 1999. It didn’t take long for her to realize she had stumbled upon the doppelganger of her hometown… just on the other coast. Nevada County has won her heart… from the history and scenery, the Mountains to the Ocean, the beatnik to Beethoven… the diversity and acceptance in our community have created a place she is grateful to call home.

Janel is the mother of 4 of her own Amazing Kids and embraces each for the unique gift they are in our world. Upon the diagnosis of her youngest child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she was led on a journey of deep conscious exploration. With the support and services available to our community, Janel was able to embrace the lessons provided and continues to support Autism Awareness and Advocacy. She believes that our gifted children provide much in-sight when respected for their unique views and boundaries. In offering Conscious Parenting Perspectives, Janel shares that in honoring each child as the individual gift they are we can support A Journey IN Joy. She is very excited for the opportunity to learn from Your Amazing Kids.

 BIO Coming Soon