2017 ‘Through the Lens’

A Script-to-Filmmaking Competition

Winners of the screenplay phase are announced! 

NCTV is pleased to announce the winners of the

screenplay phase of the competition!

Michael Penwarden – “Parallax”
Sarah Poynter – “Pause”
Annie Keeling – “Five Bars”
Anna Morton – “The Ballad of Cheese Lewis”
Donna Cobb – “Pink Power”
Karen Busse – “Legacy of Love”
Mila Johansen – “Lost & Found”
Isaac Biggs – “A Defining Moment”

Congratulations to all the screenplay writers who entered!

Please mark your calendars for step two of this script-to-silver screen event — an open “Cast & Crew Call” on Saturday, June 3, from 1 to 5 pm at NCTV studios! Join the cast or crew of one of the winning screenplays and help these writers make their vision reality!