Where Do We Go From Here – Monday Nights 7pm  channel 17

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Starts airing Monday, March 5th 7pm ch17

Are you concerned about what is happening to our country and our world? The Where Do We Go From Here show is based on needs both local and national. It will share both sides of the issue and is meant to create an open, informative dialog.  A variety of topics will be discussed, such as:

  • Climate Change
  • Environment/Centennial Dam
  • Racism
  • Homelessness/poverty/income disparity/food insecurity
  • Immigration
  • Gun violence/gun control
  • and more


By becoming a donor and supporter in this NCTV produced show, we can begin to educate and make a change at the local level.  This series of shows will air each month, beginning in January, on topics that are relevant to our community/nation/world.  As donors, you are helping NCTV produce a quality program that is designed to be shared locally, nationally and globally. This series will air on local Public Access, as well as uploaded to the NCTV YouTube Channel. You will receive a monthly link for viewing and information on how the show is going. If you like what is going on, renew at the end of the coming year.

Your donation is a tax deduction and very appreciated.