We are home to Nevada County Media and the “Public Access” community TV station. and operate 3 local TV channels and various on-demand based channels.   As a Public, Education, and Government (PEG) station, our programs stream on Comcast Channels 11, 17 & 18 and Suddenlink Channel 16, 17 & 18.

Public Access Channel Comcast 11/Suddenlink 16

Each week we air programming blocks which consist of music, movies, food, art, technology and more. In these blocks, you will find shows that run as a series, as well as stand-alone or one-off videos. Please consider contributing local content to help fill these.

Government Channel Comcast 17/Suddenlink 17

This channel operates 24/7 and is our window into local government & politics. Here is the schedule for live streams of the local meetings.

Nevada County BOS – Streams live 2nd & 4th Tuesday 9am
Nevada County Planning – Streams live 2nd & 4th Thursday 1:30pm
Grass Valley City Council – Streams live 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7pm
Grass Valley Planning – Streams live 3rd Tuesday 7pm
Nevada City Council – Streams live 2nd & 4th Wednesday 6:30pm
Nevada City Planning – Streams live 2nd & 4th Thursday 1:30pm

Meetings replay throughout the week and can also be found on our Government & Politics Youtube channel.

Educational Channel Comcast 18/Suddenlink 18

Our educational channel plays everything from kids programs and animated shows to science, technology, animal programs, history and more.